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The Eighth Annual 22:32 Men’s Conference is taking place on Saturday morning, February 27th.  St Mark the Evangelist and Mount Calvary parishes are hosting a viewing site via ZOOM at St. Mark the Evangelist parish.  You will hear talks by our bishop, Lawrence T. Persico, Father Larry Richards, founder of The Reason for Our Hope Foundation, and two nationally known speakers: Jon Leonetti and John Edwards.

The Conference begins with Mass at 8am with Fr. Tom at St Mark the Evangelist. There will be breakfast items and a light lunch served during the Conference.  There is no set cost for refreshments.  There will be a free will donation basket to cover the cost.  Social distancing and masks are required to attend. 

Cost for the Conference has been donated by The Knights of Columbus #13826 but donations are welcome.

To register or for more information, please call or email:

Clint Badowski                        Frank Wargo

570-419-7178                          814--823-2528

cdb195@gmail.com               fwargo6@gmail.com