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”Put yourself at the disposal of the Church. It needs you. You are its future.” ~Pope John Paul II

Are you new to the parish?   If so, volunteering is an easy way to meet new people.

Parishioners of St. Mark and Mt. Calvary are invited to get involved in many ways. Listed are some of the opportunities that you may find personally and spiritually rewarding:

Edison School Pantry (2nd & 4th Thursdays of the Month – Volunteers needed to help:
1:45-2:45 Unload & Stock
2:45-3:45 Food Distribution.

Ministries benefiting Emmaus Soup Kitchen

Cookie Sunday: (Sunday before the 3rd Wednesday of the Month) A donation of two dozen or more cookies or brownies would be very welcome and help us meet our 50 doz. commitment. You can buy or bake the desserts of your choice and bring them to church on Saturday/Sunday and we will make sure Emmaus receives them.

Emmaus Cakes (1st Friday of the Month): Bake cakes for the EMMAUS Soup kitchen and drop off at St. Mark’s kitchen for delivery to EMMAUS Emmaus Ground Beef & Meatloaves (3rd Wednesday of the Month) : volunteers provide (in spring & summer) 4lbs of browned ground beef and onions or (in the fall & winter) two 2lb meatloaves. Each volunteer is asked to drop off their prepared meat in the Ward Center Kitchen refrigerator by 11:00am. The more volunteers we have on the list the fewer times per year you are called.

Volunteer to Work at the Soup Kitchen: Mt. Calvary & St. Mark parishioners are asked to provide a team of volunteers to work at the Soup Kitchen on the 4th Wednesday of the month when that month has 5 Wednesdays.